Bad Art Night - Thursday Jan 26th 6pm

Snacks!  Fun!  Creativity! No Judgement!  Music!  Enjoy all this and create Bad Art at the Wautoma Public Library on Thursday Jan 26 at 6pm.   If you are like me, a person who loves art, but is hopeless at it then this is your night to shine.  If your best drawing is of stick figures, if you've fought a battle with tape and the tape won, if you've ever held up a painting and the people who love you replied with "ummmm...I like it" (but you can clearly see on their faces that they don't) -- then join us!   Even if you are a fantastic artist, join us; it will be fun to let loose and do your worst. The event is geared for adults but children are welcome with a parent or guardian.  We will provide all the materials.  You will provide the creativity.  The uglier the art, the better.  At the end of this creative hour, participants can vote on their favorite terrible art.  The creator of said horrible art will win an awful prize.  Sign up today by calling the Wautoma Library at 787-2988.


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