What's New in Children's - July 7, 2015

Me and my dad!
By: by Alison Ritchie ; illustrated by Alison Edgson
Me and my mom!
By: by Alison Ritchie ; illustrated by Alison Edgson



Curious George 3 [DVD] : back to the jungle
By: written by Chuck Tately ; directed by Phil Weinste
Open season 2 [DVD]
By: Reel FX Creative Studios ; Sony Pictures Animation
Scooby-Doo! Mask of the Blue Falcon [DVD] : original movie
By: Hanna-Barbera and Warner Bros. Animation present ;
Wibbly Pig. Adventues with Wibbly! [DVD]
By: a Canada/UK co-production, a Wish Films/9 Story En


Escape from Darth Vader
By: written by Michael Siglain ; art by Stephane Roux
Saving the day!
By: adapted by Melissa Lagonegro ; based on the screen


Perfect game
By: Matt Christopher
Play ball!
By: by Matt Christopher
State showdown
By: Matt Christopher


First to fly : how Wilbur & Orville Wright invented the airplane
By: by Peter Busby ; paintings by David Craig ; diagra


By: Gary Paulsen


Anna's birthday surprise
By: adapted by Jessica Julius
Interstellar Cinderella
By: by Deborah Underwood ; illustrations by Meg Hunt
Sea Rex
By: by Molly Idle
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