Meeting Room





TYPES OF USE:   The meeting room may be used for programs sponsored for educational and library-related activities, for community service groups, and for non-profit groups.  Private groups and for-profit groups may use it as well.  The room capacity is limited to 65. 



The meeting room may be scheduled for meetings during library hours, or after the library is closed.  The room may be reserved for any day of the week.


The meeting room will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.  Your reservation will be put on the calendar as soon as we have received your fee.  If you need to cancel your reservation, your fee will be refunded to you.  Repeatedly failing to notify library staff (as soon as possible) of cancellation may result in suspension of meeting room privileges.  For those that wish to hold reoccurring events/multiple meetings there is a limit of five reservations a month.


Library-sponsored activities shall always take precedence in scheduling meeting room use.  The library reserves the right to take photographs or video of library-sponsored events and post it on the library’s web site or in other publicity such as newspaper articles or newsletters or Friends of the Library scrapbooks.


FEES & REFUNDS:           

There is a $5.00 charge for nonprofit groups and community organizations conducting educational and/or business meetings where no fee is charged for attending, no donation or free will offerings are requested and nothing is sold.  The amount will be paid each time the room is used.  There will be a $25 fee for all private parties (showers, graduations, gift openings, etc.), any reservation by a business or for profit enterprise as well as any meeting by any group where a fee is charged for attending, free will offering or donation is requested or a solicitation or sale is made.  A rate discount may be negotiated by the director or library board in cases where:

 An event is reoccurring and the library is making a considerable profit by the room’s use
And/or when the event provides a needed service to the community where loss of that service might create a hardship for citizens of the community. 

There is no fee for library sponsored programs or for government meetings or meetings held by elected officials.  This amount will be paid each time the room is used.  If the meeting room is not left in the same condition in which it was found a fee for damages or cleaning will be charged starting at $25 and up according to the damages that need to be repaired or  the amount of cleaning that needs to be done .  The director may also deny future use of the room to individuals/groups that damage or otherwise leave the room in an untidy state. 



1.  Refreshments may be served in the room.  NO alcoholic beverages, smoking and/or illegal drugs may be used in the meeting room or in the restrooms.  NO red-colored drinks are permitted, as they contain dye that cannot be removed from the carpet.  For patrons with Food Allergies, please note that groups may bring in items you are allergic to, for example peanuts.  Please take caution and be aware that the library cleans the room once a week, but multiple events may take place between these cleanings.


2. Groups using the meeting room will designate one person from their group who will be responsible for obtaining the key from the library staff in order to unlock the doors at the beginning of the meeting, and the locking of them again at the end.  If the key is lost, the group will be responsible for the cost of not only replacing the key, but for the cost of re-keying the locks as well.


3.  No programs are permitted which would interfere with the library’s operation by causing excessive noise, a safety hazard, security risk, etc.  The meeting room may not be used for activities prohibited under local, state, and/or federal law. 


4.  The meeting room and restroom facilities must be left in a neat and orderly condition.  All clean-up must be done immediately after the meeting.  The room will be inspected by library staff the morning after it has been used by any group.  No deposit will be refunded to a group until the staff has determined that the meeting room was left as it was found.


5.  The library will NOT provide supplies for groups or individuals who use the room.


6.  The library will NOT store any materials or equipment belonging to the groups or individuals who use the meeting room, unless otherwise approved by the Library Board.


7.  The fact that the library permits a group to use its meeting room does in no way constitute an endorsement of the group’s policies or beliefs.  In any advertisement or public announcement the meeting room user must not use the name of the Library in such a way that it could be construed that the Library is host or sponsor of the group or event.


8.  NO tape of any kind may be used on the carpet in the meeting room.  NO nails, push-pins, tacks may be used on the walls.  Tape that strips the paint from the walls or in other ways damage the walls cannot be used.


9.  Do Not stack meeting room chairs 1 or more chairs high.  To do so risks damaging the chairs.  To stack properly, the seat of the top chair is resting upside down on the seat of the bottom chair.


10.  Use of the meeting room does not include use of any other rooms in the library, with the exception of the restrooms.


11.  When scheduling the meeting room for use during library hours, please park in the west end of the parking lot, so that spaces closer to the library may be used by library patrons.


12.  The library assumes no responsibility for personal belongings or organizational materials or equipment used in connection with the use of the meeting room.


13.  There must be an adult over 18 years of age supervising the use of the room at the time of use.


Failure to comply with these rules, misrepresentation by the applicant(s) or disorderly conduct will result in forfeiture of the fee and of the right to use the meeting room in the future. 




Each group that requests the use of the library’s meeting room shall designate one member of the group to be directly responsible for the group’s use of the room.  This person shall meet with the library staff to obtain the key, and sign the meeting room agreement.  The responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to:  scheduling, preparation, clean-up; ensuring that all policies and procedures are adhered to, and acting as a liaison with the library director.  The library assumes no responsibility for preparation of the room for the meeting.  At the conclusion of the meeting, the room must be left in the same condition in which it was found.  Violation of the rules will result in the loss of meeting room privileges for the offending group.  Any damages done to the meeting room or restrooms will be assessed for the responsible parties.  

Revised and approved by the Wautoma Library Board 2/24/2016