Volunteer Program

Volunteers are a vital part of the Wautoma Public Library helping staff to serve the public.  Generally, volunteers provide support to paid staff and work on special projects.  As important members of the library community, volunteers are expected to follow library policies and to present a positive customer service attitude to all patrons.

Selection of volunteers is based on a volunteer’s qualifications in relations to the changing needs of the library and upon a volunteer’s ability to commit to a consistent schedule of volunteer hours.  Interested individuals will be asked to fill out a volunteer application and may be interviewed by the volunteer coordinator or library director or assistant library director.  For the sake of the general public and children in specific, a background check will be required.  Selection of volunteers is the responsibility of the director and/or volunteer coordinator.  If there are no suitable volunteer positions available the application will be kept on file for a year and the applicant will be called when and if a need or project arises that fits an applicant’s interests and qualifications.

The volunteer coordinator will arrange training of new volunteers and scheduling of hours.  For the most part, volunteers work a two to three hour time-slot a week.  Scheduling will be arranged in advance and mutually agreed upon by the volunteer coordinator and individual volunteers.

Traditionally, the library recognizes its weekly volunteers on a yearly basis at a small appreciative gathering.  Other forms of recognition and appreciation may take place.  The Wautoma Library can’t thank its volunteers enough.  Volunteers truly make a difference at the Wautoma Public Library.

Become a volunteer!