Grow- Soil variety & Health

Join us at Bird Creek Park for part one of the Grow series, for families and youth.

Soil sample display & hands-on comparisons 

How does soil affect your belly? 

Participants will have access to a soil sample display, where they will be able to see sand, silt, and clay soil settled into their separate layers. They will also have the opportunity to get hands on and touch the different types of soil at the following moisture levels: dry, moist, and over watered.

The purpose of this week is to enhance the understanding of soil health and the human body. Healthy soil is populated with a wide variety of useful microbes. Those microbes eventually meet the human gut after the grown food has been consumed. Knowing the soil allows for proper amending, which will improve growing yields and quality of food, leading to improved personal health.

Soil samples will be left with the library’s microscope to encourage those who check it out to take a closer look at soil types.

Saturday, May 14, 2022 - 10:00am
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