Nature Walk w/Elward Engle Sat. May 14th 9:30am WW2 West Parking Lot

Brief and beautiful, the spring flower season has blossomed in Waushara, Wisconsin. Take full advantage of this time by joining retired DNR naturalist and wildflower expert Elward Engle for a nature walk on Saturday May 14th.  This walk is open to the public and participants should meet at 9:30am in the west parking lot of the World War 2 Museum.  From there a carpool will form and walkers will drive towards Wildrose to an area with boiling springs, watercress, fresh water shrimp, aquatic insects, and flowers. The flowers bloom in abundance in this area over others in Waushara County do to its unique soil.  And like the blink of an eye, once the trees leaf out and cover us in shade, the spring flowers will be over for the season.   Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity, even despite the ticks.  Engle does encourage people to be aware of ticks and suggests that hikers wear light clothes and tuck socks over pants and pants into boots.  By using simple measures, the bounty of the outdoors can still be enjoyed.  Those interested should call or stop by the Wautoma Library to sign-up.  Registration is strongly encouraged in case the event runs into foul weather and must be rescheduled