Four WI Authors, Book Signing Event Tues Aug 2 at 3-5pm

Four Wisconsin authors will visit the Wautoma Library on Tuesday August 2 from 3-5pm to meet with readers, sell books, and sign books.  The line-up includes Wautoma’s own Julie C. Eger, Mary Ann Berkshire, Janie Jasin, and Portage author Sue Wentz. 

Julie Eger is a 3 time winner recipient of the Wisconsin Writers Association’s Jade Ring Award.  Her books range from poetry to mystery to young adult fantasy.  Mary Ann Berkshire was featured in “Who is Who in American Literature.”  She is the author of 5 children’s books with the chilling and suspenseful Black Glove series being set right in Wautoma.  She is also the author of 8 adult novels of paranormal romance and romance.  Janie Jasin is a CSP-NSA Legends Award Winner.  She is a motivational speaker, humorist, and bestselling author.  She helped many individuals become better writers and speakers.  She is the author of 2 adult nonfiction titles and the classic children’s book “The Littlest Christmas Tree.”  Sue Wentz is also a recipient of the Wisconsin Writers Association’s Jade Ring, as well as the Norbert Blei Literary Award. She is the author of several short stories, a contemporary literary novella, and a young adult historical novel.  

For those who love to read, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to meet our local talent.  For while Walter Landor put it so eloquently that “reading is silent conversation,” every book club member knows that it is very meaningful indeed to talk about the books we love.  (Especially with the author herself).   As an added bonus Julie Eger and Sue Wentz will be giving away a few of their books.  Starting July 27th, magic bookmarks will be hidden in the Wautoma and Wildrose libraries.  If you answer the clues and can find the book that the bookmark is in first—you will be a winner!

Sue Wentz author of : Cassidy Creek Bridge, Servant to the Wolf, and The Bluff

Mary Ann Berkshire author of: The Black Glove, The Black Glove Rises, Midnight Scream, Black Glove vs. the Watcher, Tale of Two Girls, Twice Dead, Love You Forever, The Road to Midnight, House of the Jaded Moon, A Phantom’s Promise, Be Careful of the Night, Marianna: a Rhapsody of Love, Ghosts of Coven Manor.

Janie Jasin author of : The Littlest Christmas Tree, If Love is Contagious I Hope I Never Get Well, Tradition…(Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! What’s Your “Polka”?)

Julie C. Eger author of : Eeny Meeny Criminy Crow, Perennial, Girl from Gorgamon