Lonely Hearts Book Promotion


With Valentine’s Day approaching the Lonely Hearts Book Club at the Wautoma Public Library is seeking readers.  Starting January 13th, a new reading promotion is kicking off at the library.  In the spirit of fun and sharing good books, the library will have a small collection of books wrapped in newspaper and tagged with a personal ad for patrons to take out on a “blind date”.  Also the library is accepting book recommendations in the form of personal ads during this time.

Personal ad cards are available at the library.  People will be asked to place name, phone number, and the title of the book and author, on the back of the card.  A place for the personal ad will be on the front of the card.  Books will be selected based on personal ads and likewise displayed for others to check out.  On February 14th a drawing will take place from the ads submitted and a small prize awarded. This promotion is open to all teens & adults.

Here is a sample of a Lonely Heart Book personal ad: “Lonely Heart Book seeks adventurous Reader for a wild, rugged hiking trip along the Appalachian Trail.  Only those interested in true-life stories need apply.  You must love self-deprecating humor, tolerate an out of shape side-kick hiking companion obsessed with Little Debbie treats who also swears, and be fascinated by the historical facts of how the trial came to be.  The natural wonders of the trail await you the lucky reader if only you visit the Wautoma Public library today and pick me up to be your date.  (Warning: people easily frightened by bear attacks are to be cautious and perhaps encouraged to skip certain chapters).”

For those avid readers out there some of the fun will be if you can guess the title of the books (can anyone guess the one above?).  And of course for all readers the fun will be discovering new books waiting to be read and sharing good reads with others.