Hands on Science at the Library!


Calling all 3rd to 6th graders, it's time to unleash your inner scientist and get excited about learning.  The UW-Extension is hosting hand on experiments during Science Nights at the Wautoma Public Library every fourth Monday at 4:30 to 5:30.  We start this January 27th with Ecobots!  Please sign up as soon as possible--you do not want to miss out.  Choose read more for our complete schedule:

January 27: Ecobots
Program a robot built from a common household item to clean up a simulated environmental spill.

February 24: I can build a robot
Construct a basic working robot from an NXT Lego kit.  What can you program your robot to do?

March 24: Let’s get Buoyant!
Why do some things float in water while other things sink?  Let’s get our hands wet and find out!

April 28: Roaring ROV’s
What’s an ROV?  It’s a remotely operated vehicle.  You will build an ROV with a small team and then test it out in the water.

Break/Vacation for Memorial Day or TBA

June 23: Roving Robots
Let’s build some more robots and see what they can do!  NXT LEGO Robotics Kits

July 28: Color Me Green
What makes leaves green?  Find out at the library as we make some cool prints with leaves.

August 25: Solar Power!
Come explore solar energy as we use it to pop balloons and power small vehicles.

September 22: Robotics Roundup
Come check out this mini robotics competition.  Never tried robotics before?  Don’t worry; this is for all skill levels.